Who Is Yusmila?

My name is Claudia Yusmila Garcia.

               I wander through the depths of incoherent thought, searching for that which has yet to be given life. For the forgotten, the nearly departed and the untold. With each discovery realized onto paper, I in turn find a small part of myself. With ink-streaked hands I use the human form to relate my own version of reality. One that speaks, unafraid to find what resides in the dark and bring it to light.

             By combining my love of astrology and curiosity of the mind, I seek to depict the vulnerability of the human condition. Whether it be sculpture, illustration, or surrealistic portraiture, I strive to depict the fascination of society and nature that brews within me. I feel though as if I have an unstoppable need to embark on an artistic journey where I can only hope to find something akin to a comrade waiting on the other side.

Working For

Philip Karto Miami

During the Spring of 2019 I began to work in a studio hand-painting Vintage clothing accesories like Luoi Vuitton, Croco Skin, and much more.